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  • Couples Therapy


    Sometimes, as intimacy increases, our relationships become increasingly volatile and impacted by our partner’s every move. I help each individual find their footing again in order to restore the sanctity of the relationship.

    Duration : 75 MIN

  • Family Therapy


    Family therapy allows for a systems-based approach. There is no single person to take all the blame or all the credit. Everybody is playing an equal role in the dynamic, and the system will be explored and addressed accordingly.

    Duration : 75 MIN

  • Individual Therapy


    Our sessions together explore the vulnerabilities that the client has organized their life around avoiding and that cause unnecessary pain and confusion. The client will develop the confidence to show up fully in life.

    Duration : 60 MIN

  • Young Adult Therapy


    The relationship between myself and the client is the foundation of the therapeutic process and the key to psychological growth/emotional well-being. I strive to make these sessions as natural and enjoyable as possible.

    Duration : 50 MIN


  • Couples Therapy


    We have found that working as a team (both therapists in the room at the same time) can be of great benefit to the couple. Each partner feels seen and supported and we inevitably catch more than any therapist, no matter how skilled, would on their own.


  • Family Therapy


    My co-therapist is Lisa Chatham. We have been working together for a number of years and have an approach that compliments and builds off of one another.


  • For the Family


    Lisa and I include the following in this package:

    • 5 family sessions
    • 5 sessions with each member of the family
    • 3 couples sessions
    • Participation in any one of our groups for any and all family members


  • Improv for Anxiety


    The paradoxical trick to working with anxiety is that the more we strive to avoid it, the bigger it gets. Trevor and co-facilitator Alissa designed an improv-based group that shows us we can show up fully in the present moment even when our anxiety is online. The aim of this group is to develop unconditional confidence that every moment is workable just as it is.

  • The Edge


    We carefully cultivate an atmosphere that is designed to provide individuals with the opportunity to work with previously unidentified shadow material utilizing experiential exercises, humor, and good-old fashioned group process tension. Trevor and co-facilitator Lisa skillfully facilitate an opportunity for a profoundly impactful psychological expedition

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