Family Therapy


Family therapy allows for a systems-based approach. There is no single person to take all the blame or all the credit. Everybody is playing an equal role in the dynamic, and the system will be explored and addressed accordingly.

Duration : 75 MIN


In order to regulate the intensity of intimacy, families unconsciously ritualize their relationships. Individual members take on preferred roles, some person becomes the location of all the issues in the family, people overtly or covertly blame others for their disturbances, emotional distancing sets in and, in general, people feel anger, resentment, depression, confusion and frustration.

Eventually, the family members come to an increasing awareness that they are all, in their own way, responsible for the state of the family.

This disturbing realization is immensely powerful. It fuels the subsequent growth and maturation of the family and of each individual member. I work with the unconscious dynamics that fuel the surface-level conflicts in a manner that ensures the family sessions are enjoyable and beneficial to all parties involved.


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