Couples Therapy


Sometimes, as intimacy increases, our relationships become increasingly volatile and impacted by our partner’s every move. I help each individual find their footing again in order to restore the sanctity of the relationship.

Duration : 75 MIN


All of us have competing drives for closeness and separateness (togetherness and autonomy). These seemingly contradictory drives come roaring to life in the crucible of intimate partnership. They are the cause of much suffering, pain and confusion.

I work with each individual to be both kind, understanding and respectful of their partner while at the same time taking complete responsibility for their core vulnerabilities and the way those impact the relationship. As the partners become more aware of themselves and one another, as well as more willing to take responsibility for the respected role they play in the system, toxicity and blame drop away.

The result is a partnership based on mutual respect and admiration; a team that can playfully navigate the highs and lows of life and respond to inevitable disturbances with kindness, ease and generosity.


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