Personal Empowerment Achieved Through a Shift in Language

“Situation ‘Y’ Triggered Feelings Of ‘X’ In Me” My clients are all too familiar with this intervention. It is an invitation to deliberately change their language in a straightforward, albeit slightly awkward, way. In this post, I argue that using this language (externally and internally) saves us from positioning ourselves as victims, and puts power …

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Transformative Change

The hero’s journey is symbolic of the path to transformative change. A hero confronts her own demise. Her own annihilation. In popular culture, this journey happens in the external world. The journey can be witnessed and commented upon. We see it in adventure, war, unfortunate circumstances, outside threats. The hero is put in a position …

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Your Resolution Solution

If engaging in our desired behavior is dependent on us feeling good and feeling motivated, we are, in my estimation, doomed. So long as our behavior is chained to an experience of comfort, ease, and motivation, we can only go so far. Transformative change necessarily entails feeling uncomfortable.

What is Neurosis

It is my observation that all of us, in some way or another and to varying degrees, display a certain amount of neurotic behavior in our engagement with life. We manage, time and again, to unnecessarily create difficult situations for ourselves. Probably all of us could win an award for “going out of my way …

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