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Trevor Brown
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A lot of therapy is singularly focused on unpacking the past.

At The Other Therapy, I give equal consideration to the present and the future.

This all-encompassing approach is employed with the aim of helping the client overcome repetitive patterns, develop a healthy and confident sense of self and generate transformational life change


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PACT (The Psychobiological Approach to Couple’s Therapy) is widely considered to be the cutting-edge modality in working with couples. Whereas many other approaches to couple’s therapy focus almost exclusively on communication and conflict skills (which are important in their own right), PACT drops beneath the surface into a thorough investigation into the hidden, behind-the-scenes dynamics that run the show. This bottom-up approach offers couples a paradigm-shift that allows them to reimagine and redefine their relationship in lasting ways. As of now, PACT II is the highest credential being offered.


SPT (Synergetic Play Therapy) is a non-directive approach to working with children that is gaining international notoriety for its impressive impact. The basic tenet of the model is that children unconsciously set us up to feel the difficult feelings that they experience but that overwhelm their still developing systems. The therapist then uses this information to model healthy self-regulation. The child eventually masters and exercises healthy control over their feelings, instead of the other way around.

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